Unique Collectibles on the Ark and Qredit Blockchain.

Keep your wallet closed. You don't need to spend funds to earn NFT's!



SUPER ARTWORK is a project built on the Ark and Qredit Blockchain platform using the QSLP module.
Every 3 months, we will be creating 2000 unique NFT's for each platform!
The best part? All of it will be given away to users. You don't need spend a single penny, ARK or XQR to earn NFT's!

Our main goal is to create a large community and bring awareness to the SUPER ARTWORK platform and have people learn more about the Ark ecosystem.

In the near future, we will launch the SUPER ARTWORK Marketplace and you can also create your NFT and advertise (spam) this for free in our discord channel.
Do you already have NFT's that you would like to offer on our website? Let us know!
Want to help, contribute or stay tuned about SUPER ARTWORK? Join us on Discord to learn more!

New Items

3 ways to earn NFT's!

Contribute to our platform!

Create memes or social content. Retweet our posts. Become a community manager. Provide content, development work, security patches for ARK, Qredit or any other bridgechains. There are many ways for you to contribute and to earn NFT's. Feel free to ask us about it in our Discord.

Vote for Delegate NFT!

Do you already have ARK or XQR coins?
Vote for Delegate "NFT" on both or one of the blockchains and make a chance to earn NFT's upon the launch of our project.

Tutorials on how to vote for delegates will be provided soon.

Invite friends to our Discord!

Join us on Discord. Invite your friends to our Discord channel. Participate in our community with discussions, giveaways, bounty programs and meme contests. The more you are active.
The more chance you will have to earn free NFT's.